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The Chicago Bean

"The Cloud Gate Sculpture", nicknamed 'the Bean" is one of Chicago's most recognizable and famous landmarks. It sits in the middle of downtown's Millennium Park, just over a mile from Navy Pier and the shoreline.;

The perfect-mirror sculpture was opened in 2006, and designed by Indian-British sculptor Anish Kapoor. I first saw this in 2011, and vowed to come back one day "when I had my stuff together" to photograph it. 

I drove an hour and a half last night after work to get here, only to find it "closed after 11pm" (it was almost 1 in the morning).

I may or may not have gone in anyway, gotten caught by 3 different security guards on separate occasions, charmed my way past each of them and gotten my shot.

Either way, a possible side-effect of this hypothetical scenario meant I got a completely clear and unblocked shot of this fantastic monument, without the hundreds of tourists that are always in the way, taking selfies with its mirrored reflection.

Ps. I admit nothing. 

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