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craig alexander

Craig Alexander photographs cityscapes and skylines with a modern camera, but primarily uses vintage film lenses, which capture fine detail even at great distances.

95% of Alexander’s work uses “long exposure”, rendering static objects razor-sharp, but anything in the slightest motion appearing as a soft, creamy blur. The resulting contrast within the same image is a hallmark of Alexander’s unique style.

His best known piece, Wires on the Brooklyn Bridge, 2013, exclusively employs sapphire and gold, heightening the contrast of negative space and the iconic structure.

His love for new places was molded by a childhood of constant travel and growing up between the US, the UK and southern France.

“My greatest love in photography is visiting a new city and setting out to capture its most iconic sights in a unique and fresh way.”

His photographic idol is Ansel Adams with his groundbreaking technical discoveries in the 1920s in black and white film techniques.

Alexander continues to travel the world and shoot urban landscapes in his series Cityscapes and Skylines.