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Chicago Skyline on the Water

When I was 14, I opted to study "art" as a chosen subject in school. I was fascinated with the branch called "mathematical art". The Greeks, Romans and the Italian Renaissance painters, just to mention a few, employed vast amounts of mathematics in the creation of their art. From Golden Ratios to Fibonacci Spirals (the shape of a sea shell whose exact shape 'mysteriously' manifests itself in millions of natural phenomenon like DNA spirals, orbits of the stars, flower petals, weather systems, finger prints, harmonies in music, etc etc etc. 

The masters of antiquity were able to harness this power, these sets of mathematical rules, and apply them to art. Many of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci's greatest works, that have stayed relevant for a half millennia employ these rules vigorously.

I've been studying this subject for 8 years now and this picture here is probably the piece I'm most proud of in that regard. It was shot at midnight in downtown Chicago, and it takes advantage of just about every mathematical rule and ratio I know.

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